Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I’ve been out of sorts for days, and woke this morning totally spent,
Illness doesn’t come on me all at once, it sneaks up, draining me first so that I wind down like those old alarm clocks and finally, after all the springs are sprung, come to a complete halt.
When I’m most emotional – it’s worse – like when my uncle died or my mother – and I’m so drained I can’t do anything, but go through the motions.
Yesterday, did my bit taking pictures of a parade in Bayonne, but I knew I was working on reserves, draining even more those I would need to get through today, and so, I wake up the energizer buddy with cymbals frozen and every bone in my body broken, and enough work still to do that I’m not sure how I’ll get it done.

And looking at from this place at the yard and at the graying sky that hints of rain, I fall into routine, hoping to squeeze just a little more juice out of these expired batteries before I can get back to sleep and the troubled dreams illness always produces, and the hope in the morning, I will wake renewed

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