Sunday, January 21, 2018

Can Murphy make the trains run on time?

January 21, 2018

A few days before Phil Murphy took the oath of office as 56th Governor of New Jersey, he took a tour of the Hudson Bergen Light rail, starting out in Hoboken for a the ride through Jersey City along the waterfront to Jersey Avenue.
He talked with passengers and got a snap shot of what he thought some of the issues were with NJ Transit.
But in some ways, it was a fiction, because he didn't have to stand at the Bergenline Avenue Station to hear unmoved transit workers telling riders they would have to find another way to work or school because the elevators didn't work that day or hear how a shuttle bus would come, but never did, nor have to throw away the tickets passengers just paid for and validated because they could not be transferred to the public buses each was forced to take.
Murphy reportedly met with Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop the Brownstone Diner, once called the second city hall, from when Fulop was still a councilman and held meetings there, and from there Murphy went via public transportation to North Bergen and Union City, meeting public officials there as well. But he did not have to put up with the sometimes rude drivers who would not respond to how much fair is needed to go from Journal square to 88th Street nor did he have to get put off a bus with a shout when by a driver telling people this is the last stop, or forced to stand in the cold at the Hoboken bus terminal while a driver sat in a warm bus a few feet away with the doors closed waiting for when the schedule said he should start.
If Murphy took a bus at all, all the buses arrived on time, not like the buses that travel to and from Bayonne, which often arrive late, and sometimes two at a time, with one so overcrowded people spill out the front and rear doors at each stop, while the other almost empty bus passes passengers by. Nor did Murphy take those New York City bound buses that are so overcrowded during rush hour coming out of Bergen County, Hudson County residents are forced to drive north to catch them at an earlier stop so they can even get on board.
No doubt, all the signs on the light rail stations worked telling him when the next train would arrive; his train door always opened; his train car did not uncouple in some remote part of the rail line between Liberty State Park and Bayonne, dumping passengers onto cold platforms to wait for another train to arrive.
This train trip, of course, highlighted his new aggressive stands against an agency he called “a disgrace,” as he asked most of the top officials to resign in the days before he actually got sworn in as governor, after which he might start to rebuild the troubled agency from scratch, even halting the proposed Union Dry Dock takeover being rushed through under the previous governor against the objections of local officials.
Whether or not this change will make the trains run on time may well determine if his administration can fulfill this and other promises he's made going into office.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Packs of liberal rats

January 19, 2018

As I suspected since the election that allowed Donald Trump to become President, the left is nuts., totally out of their gourds, so full of hate they can't even tell who their friends are, and clearly have become little better than spoiled brats in a non-stop tantrum.
This became very evident this week when they once again pulled what I call “a Franken,” meaning that they have gone for the throat – not of a political enemy – but someone of their own.
The American government is in a Mexican standoff – literally, as both Democrats and Republicans appear to be willing to allow a government shut down rather than give an inch to the other side.
At the center of this is a program that provides health care for some of the poorest kids in America, which received temporary funding last month, but apparently states are spending the money so quickly instead of it lasting until April, it may not last to the end of the month.
The Republicans apparently are willing to fund the program, but Democrats won't allow them to do so unless they also fund a larger program that would protect children of illegal immigrants, called Dreamers. The President is willing to fund this program as well, but has tied his approval to a requirement that the program also fund a wall across the Mexican boarder to keep any more illegal immigrants from sneaking across the border.
The wall is a stupid idea because it doesn't go to the heart the problem, and instead of building a wall to keep people out, the American government should be sending aid and perhaps military troops to those countries that people are so afraid to live in they are willing to die trying to get out.
So tied this series of bills is a funding bill to keep the whole government running – both sides are so intractable they are willing to let the government go out of business just so that they don't have to give in an inch.
Not all legislators, of course.
Some want to compromise. But the Democrats since Trump got elected have been marching in lockstep like storm troopers determined to not let anything Trump does work, and so that they might retake the government in the upcoming election. This includes shutting down the government and hurting people they profess to represent and care about.
Fanatic supporters, whacko protesters who appear to have nothing better to do than constantly go out on the street and raise a ruckus – whether in Chancellorsville or in San Francisco – have become a kind of mob that in one instance were so violent and out of control it was difficult to tell them apart from the neo-nazis they protested against.
But this insanity isn't exclusive to the deluded, spoiled fools who believe themselves morally superior to anyone who disagrees with them, but includes party members who did their best to drive out of office Al Franken in order that the Democrat Party in the south could retain its moral high ground while smearing their GOP opponent in Alabama.
This illusion of righteousness is creating the very fascist state they profess to hate, from Black Lives Matters to MeToo.
But the worst part is that those they hate most could give a crap about their moral superiority, and could care less about the illusion of righteousness. In truth, these idiots feed on their own, such as was done to Franken, and again, to another Bergen County Democrat – who dared to live up to his oath of office and voted to keep the government running rather than hurt people he represents.
Packs of fools popped up like mushrooms outside his office today, condemning him for doing what he believed was the right thing to do.
This proving this fight is not about right or wrong, good or evil, but selfishness.

These idiots hating anyone who gets in the way of what they want, and will bring down anyone they disagree with, packs of liberal rats willing to hurt anyone to get their own way.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Is Jeff Flake a stealth Democrat?

January 17, 2018

The more I hear Republican Sen. Jeff Flake rant these days the more I begin to think the wrong politician got the mental examination, and maybe the White House can do him a favor and send over the shrink to see if he's okay
Flake, of course, is the current media darling because he's so out front against fellow Republican, President Ronald Reagan.
But media and Democrats are a lot like the British army was when Benedict Arnold handed over West Point to them. They like the gift, but they'll never trust the man who gave it, and will go for his throat if Flake actually gets what he wants and becomes the front runner in the 2020 election for president.
Flake's folly is that no Republican can ever trust to support him since once he's betrayed the party he's likely to do so again.
So essentially, his deciding to drop out of the Senate race in Arizona pretty much ends his political career and people will more likely trust him to sell them a used car, than anything remotely resembling a conservative agenda.
Flake should have sought reelection as a senator rather than risk alienating every other Republican with his move to the left and his attempt to ride the anti-Trump wave, and his desperate need to create some illusion about what Trump stands for.
Suddenly Flake has become a defender of those institutions his conservative background claims he was again, blasting Trump for doing exactly what Trump said he would do, drain the swamp.”
In fact, Flake sounds more like a Democrat than the Democrats do, suggesting he might have had a blood transfusion that has infected him with a liberal germ.
"No longer can we compound attacks on truth with our silent acquiescence. No longer can we turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to these assaults on our institutions," Flake said in his speech. "An American president who cannot take criticism -- who must constantly deflect and distort and distract -- who must find someone else to blame -- is charting a very dangerous path. And a Congress that fails to act as a check on the President adds to the danger."
This is easy for Flake since hasn't become the target of a media attack that rivals anything seen in politics since Richard Nixon or LBJ, and like a snowflake liberal, Flake sounds so arrogant and self-righteous we might expect to see him out on the street in a woman's rights march bearing a sign saying “not my president.”
Flake is trying to beholden himself to a very questionable media, when the last year has made it very clear media is no friend of any Republican, and any Republican deluded enough to believe so, needs mental help quick.
CNN, the Washington Post,and other outlets have clearly violated every journalistic ethic in their unrelenting attacks on Trump – and Flake's defense of these institutions clearly shows how out of touch he has become in his personal hatred for the president, a hatred not born out of politics, but some imbalance in his own life. Flakes attacks on Trump clearly show that he has gone beyond the bounds of reason and into the realm of revenge.
Fortunately for conservatives, his betrayal of party and common sense will help candidates in Arizona who are seeking to replace him in the senate.
Kelli Ward made it clear that Martha McSally and Jeff Flake have gone over to the dark side of politics and violated one of the basic core values of the GOP in giving into the Democratic proposals for DACA.
Trump, appears to support DACA also, but wants Democrats to give something in return for his support, and this is part of the negotiation Flake appears to want not to take part in.
Flake appears to be seeking to smooth the way for his own presidential campaign by siding with a slanted media in order that they might not gut him when his time comes, when that's exactly what media will do as long as he pretends to wear the label of a conservative.
Flakes comparing Trump to Stalin is not only far fetched, it is dishonest, since Trump isn't the one tearing down statutes or smearing people with sexual innuendo, Stalin like acts which Flake appears to approve, or is so naive as to believe the media really are the good guys when they launch preemptive and calculating attacks on a president with the purpose of delaying or derailing an agenda Flake claims to have believed in.
The question remains, what does Flake really believe?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Puppets in a left wing moral crusade

January 16, 2018

Listening to people rant about President Trump's harsh language regarding the countries from which immigrants come makes me realize just how pathetic people have become.
Abbie Hoffman used to talk about how radicals motivated people into action, and how political parties pulled people's strings.
Since the presidential election, people have been freaking out over the fact that for once in their lives they didn't get what they wanted.
Some of this has to do with upbringing, several generations of overly protected kids taught they ought to have what they want.
In less than politically correct terms, these people would be called spoiled brats. But in today's society, they represent common liberal belief – this sense of entitlement that goes beyond the GOP idea of a welfare check, but in misguided presumption that society owes individuals things haven't earned for themselves.
Behind it all, is a very opportunistic Democratic Party that pulls these puppet strings, organizes their protests, and pats these spoiled brats on the back, sending them out onto the streets to raise havoc.
In political terms, this is called widening the circle of power. It is when you have lost all other options and so rally masses to create a fake sense of power.
Many of the phone letters sent from radical organizations to senators and such are more of the same, the desperate move to try to intimidate legislators when you have no other real power over the course of events.
But the masters of manipulation understand it, using these pathetic fools to orchestrate a political coup they hope can help delay the implementation of a GOP agenda.
By most studies, an administration either sets the tone for their four years in the first 100 days or they lose momentum.
The Democrats are in gurellia warfare mode, a kind of delaying action that keeps the Trump Administration from getting itself in gear. Part of it is in hope that the Democrats can take power again later this year with control of congress, but also in the belief that if you cause enough problems for Trump, fractions within the Administration will begin to destroy itself from within. This happens in every administration, even the most successful, such as Reagan's and LBJ's.
Media, which feeds of anything that bleeds, plays along partly because it perceives these spoiled brats as their audience, and so gives them hope and coverage, as well as works to inspire the tensions within the administration.
Many of those jockeying for power inside the Trump Administration help eliminate their rivals by leaking crap to the press – and so we get this silliness this week and Trump's supposed vulgar – but unfortunately accurate – assessment of the countries from which most refugees come.
Of course, those self-serving fools who hate Trump rant and rave about how racist he is, when he most likely isn't, and follow a script largely written for them by a Democratic think tank, and these brain dead overly educated fools actually believe they thought all this up for themselves.
Power is not about good and evil, or even right and wrong; it is about perception, and manipulation with a few thoughtful people on either side trying to figure out how to make the masses of lemmings react in a way that is favorable to their cause.
Most of those who rant and rave about how evil Trump is seem rather pathetic to me, failing to understand that they are not part of some moral crusade, but puppets to a puppet master.
And yet we live in a time of manipulated morality, of self-serving self-righteous people who use terms like White Trash so they can feel superior to people who disagree with them, who tear down icons they disagree with and turn in people who they believe are sexually deviant, and who parade around like saints and yet do not actually believe in anything except their own superiority. Very sad.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Shit holes

January 15. 2018

President Trump started yet another firestorm if you can believe the unnamed sources the questionable Washington Post have quoted.
Trump apparently speculating about why so many immigrants come from “shit hole countries” like Haiti and why so few come from places like Norway or Amsterdam.
Move-on and Credo have sent out their usual pleas to raise money for Democratic candidates calling Trump a racist for his stating the obvious in clearly vulgar terms.
History has a similar misconception about France's Marie Antoinette, who once asked why the starving poor simply did not eat cake?
Trump and the French queen have the same problem – being so isolated by their wealth they fail to realize the realities of the world, and the irony that allows super rich countries to live side by side with super poor such as Haiti does with the Dominican Republic and countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua do with Costa Rica.
This is not racist to claim that poor countries racked with crime and poverty cause people to flee – especially when American Foreign Aid tends to go to rich countries, not poor, and so instead of our helping to solve the refugee problems at the source, we have to help people when they arrive in the U.S.
Haiti and some African countries have become “shit holes” out of a different kind of racism, a remaining condition of Colonialism, in which countries such as France and Belgium stripped these places clean of modern infrastructure, so as the French often said, leaving those places as the French found them.
With Haiti it is even worse, because France still collected reparations from what many consider the poorest country on earth.
Trump's remark like Marie Antoinette's simply reflects the ignorance of wealth – which is also problematic for most Americans who pay so little attention to the real world, living in our own little bubble while we let the rest of the world rot, waking up only when we suddenly have an immigration problem.
The attack's on Trump are very much political, the need for Democrats to rally its ethnic and racial base the way smear tactics did in Alabama, with the hope of taking back the Senate later this year.
The fact every Administration, Democratic or Republican, have largely ignored the source of the problem, and continue to send money and weapons to strategic allies, rather than to send real aid to countries from which most of the immigrants come from.
Syria is a perfect example. Hillary Clinton as secretary of state called for the overthrown of the Syrian government, and later she and Obama walked away from the massive human tragedy the encouragement caused – and yet Clinton and Obama are first to claim Russians interfered with American elections when we clearly helped with the overthrow of countries throughout the world. But there is one big difference, if the Russians actually did what the Democrats claim, they did not leave a landscape filled with “shi holes” the way American policy often does.
Trump's question, no matter how vulgar, is a good one.
What makes people flee countries like Haiti and not places like Amsterdam?
The answer is simple: most people like living in Amsterdam, a modern country filled with success and good services. Most people hate living in countries where gangs kidnap their children, where people live in shacks and mud, where food is scarce. Most people in Amsterdam do not look across the wide oceans and contemplate these shores as a place of salvation, they have made their own nation over into a place to be admired.
But since our foreign policy rarely looks at how to help countries like Haiti make conditions better, people flee because to tell you the truth, those places really are shit holes.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Flaking out in Arizona

January 15, 2018

The decision by Jeff Flake not to run for reelection as senator in Arizona gives both the GOP and Democrats hope but for different reasons.
Flake hates Trump and he has become a thorn in the GOP is agenda.
Since both senators in the one of the most conservative States oppose the president, Flake's withdrawal clears the way for a candidate more in line with the national agenda.
Flake may have been born in a town called snowflake he is no snowflake.
Conservative groups give him 100% when it comes to voting a conservative agenda.
Normally the strategy for dealing with a maverick senator is to buy him off, invest so much in his reelection campaign that he'll become beholden and will modify his behavior to some degree.
With Flake, however, the hatred of Trump runs so deep Flake might as well be a Democrat and pouring money into his campaign would have done nothing to cool his rage.
The GOP apparently took a different strategy and threatened to support a primary challenger to drive him out of the race.
With Trump on the anti Flake side, this would have been a nasty and expensive primary and left Flake vulnerable for a possible Democratic challenger in November.
Although an arch conservative Flake is no saint.
He has already proven his ability to run a ruthless campaign and his change of heart about term limits shows he can't always be trusted to keep his word. He's just vicious enough even in a primary to survive but clearly has other plans for his war-chest such as a possible run for president in 2020.
So Arizona's second senate seat (the other has McCain also anti Trump) becomes an open seat in the fall and an opportunity for Democrats to steal a seat from the Republicans most thought as relatively safe.
In some ways this will be a repeat of Alabama's Senate special election with every Democrat Super PAC throwing every cent they can spare into the race.
You will even likely see PAC money being spent to add fuel to the Republican primary so as to split the GOP in the state by having one candidate go dirty on others so the party will be weakened by the time the general election comes along.
The two leading GOP candidates are ripe for such a fight,
This includes a space cadet named Kelli Ward whose own staff disowned her and who has been accused by Romney a plagiarizing his primary campaign for president against McCain in her attempt to unseat but came in a GOP Senate primary two years ago.
Ward has also made some dubious claims about Chemtrails which some believe are part of some secret government program designed to inject mind control chemicals in the air or to bolster the ozone layer which some believes is in even worse shape than being let on.
Ward's principal opponent is Sheriff Joe who's well known just taste for illegal immigrants has led to what many claim as outrageous violations of civil rights and who had been pardoned by President Trump when convicted for contempt of the system.
Both Sheriff Joe and Ward support Trump's immigration policies and make them vulnerable to Democratic voter registration of a sizable Latino population growing in Arizona.
But Sheriff Joe – like Hillary Clinton did for the Republicans in 2016 – would become a poster child for the anti-GOP efforts and galvanized Democrats in a way opposing board cannot.
You can expect a repeat of the smear campaign Democrats waged in Alabama (which combined with money and carpet bag politicians making frequent visits) allowed Democrats to steal the seat out from under the noses of the GOP and this even with the strong support of the president for the GOP candidate by the president.
Arizona's open seat will become one of the hottest races in 2018 election season and the most nasty in the primary stoked up by desperate Democrats and will become even nastier in the November election if either of these two Ward or Sheriff Joe is the candidate.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Democratic gambit

Friday, January 12, 2018

You can smell the Democratic desperation every time one of them speaks, every think tank spewing out propaganda about President Donald Trump in the desperate hope that if they dirty him up enough, Democrats can take back the House or Senate.
This is risky gambit, especially because they – and their allies in the media – have pumped up the volume so high, they risk making their audience deft.
Like most politically weak, the Democrats have decided to widen the circle, draw people out into the streets in order to scare up strength they as a party no longer have.
Everything hinges on the 2018 midterm elections. If Democrats fail to take back the Senate, they will lose their chance to divert the GOP's takeover of the Supreme Court.
And if they fail to take back either the Senate or the House, they risk seeing their agenda games vanish like smoke.
The 2016 election damaged Democrats because the GOP took control of all three branches of government and have the potential to change the political landscape for a generation or more.
This is why they need to attack Trump. Democrats see him as the weak link, someone they can accuse of being mentally ill or corrupt or in league with the Russians. They paint him as sexist, racist and perhaps even homophobic, not because he is any worse than an average American male, but because Democrats need to reshape him as a monster, to rally their own support and shake the support of the GOP, who can be shaken.
Trump is not a Nazi or the anti-Christ, but Democratic followers, the deluded masses who do not realize they are being used as pawns in this power game, become enraged as their hot buttons are pushed.
Credo and all the other left wing lobbyists spin this evil plot to keep the masses excited, building hopefully to a crescendo that will conclude with victory next November.
The smear campaign waged in Alabama is only the beginning of the kind of campaign we will see waged across the country, although Democratic weakness is and always will be money. They will not be able to concentrate their attack in November they way they did for Alabama, and since the GOP tends to raise more money by far than Democrats, you can expect many more people being shoved out onto the street and many more shrill attacks by desperate Democrats.
While Democratic spin doctors are telling their following and media that off-year elections always see big swings, and that Democrats have the potential to take not just the Senate back but the House as well, the truth is much more painful. Most likely the new congress we seek in 2019 will largely resemble the one that exists today.
The better Democratic think tanks think this, too, and it scares the hell out of them.
They need to push Trump into a complete meltdown at a proper time this year in order for the odds to change in their favor, and so we'll see more unnamed sources in more Washington Post stories, and more silly reporting by HuffPost and CNN, all with the desired end to make the president look like a buffoon, and to shake him the way they managed to shake Nixon, and LBJ.
The bigger problem for Democrats is that Trump might get enraged by their antics, may even curse up a storm behind closed doors, might tweet out startling quotes, but he won't be shaken by a press or a party he already sees as pathetic and helpless.
The more the Democrats widen the circle of power in an attempt to make up for their lack of power inside, the more they risk uniting the GOP the way the Chicago protests in 1968 helped Nixon win as president for the first time.
Democrats also have another problem: lack of inspiring candidates.
Sanders engaged young people for a time, but he's four years old and he also carries the baggage having endorsed Clinton, who had cheated her way to the nomination, after Obama bankrupted the Democratic Party by saddling it with his campaign debts – his real enduring legacy, and one that may come to haunt him as he watches the GOP win again in November.