Monday, December 3, 2012

Impeded perfection

June 18, 1982

Yes, I am hung up on perfection in a perfect soul and heart and fleeting feelings.
This has been a problem dating back to the early years of my life.
Perfection was drilled into me by clearly imperfect people, establishing a conflict I have yet to resolve.
I am not perfect, yet I expect others to be so.
Sometimes I fail to account for the effects of human emotions on reason, a barrage that affects even the staunchest of intellectuals, flipping reason on its head, prevent any accurate prediction.
Worse still, I do not see other people seeking perfection for themselves, and I get irritated when they seem to settle for mere comfort.
And so the search for perfection seems impeded by two obstacles: emotional disturbance and status quo.
Many people think it is safer to stay where they are than risk falling back.
And sometimes, I feel that way, too, although deep down, I hunger for something I can’t define, something beyond myself, something I might define as perfection, if I actually could ever figure out what perfection is.

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