Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kats and Kittens

“Catch up, Cats and Kittens, don’t get left behind…” Paul McCartney

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Three kittens, I’m trying to get adopted, have taken over my kitchen.
I called Liberty Humane and got a recording that said I should call the Jersey City Animal Control office.
This is the same office that dumped at least two of the cats I already have on my door step over the last few years. So they are the last people I will trust with kittens I took in to stop them from running into traffic.
Called Muffin, Puffin and Onion, the three kittens have vastly different personalities, and are even of different sizes.
Onion, a black female, is the runt, but is also extremely adventurous, getting herself in and out of trouble even in one room.
Puffin in the middle sized one, but extremely shy, still running away from pets as much as it accepts them. Very playful, but only on its own or with its kin.
Muffin, the only male, is also the largest and most beautiful, and acts like a typical male. Very egotistical, he loves pets, and often acts like a lion.
I’ve had them for over a month, and now they ache to go into the rest of the house, while I continue to seek homes for them.
I worry over Puffin because she is the least likeable of the three which I probably why I like her most, and know that if she is to be adopted, she must go with one of the other two. If she goes to Liberty, no one will want her, and since the shelter kills animals after a certain amount of time, her fate is sealed.
Life is rarely fair, a lesson I learned early in life, then forgot, only to get reminded again about it in recent years.
Very few people on this planet have been a lucky as I have been, managing to get through life with little of the serious baggage I rightfully deserve.
So it is easy to be judgmental when you’re as lucky as I am, able to tell how others ought to live their lives or formulate theories about how the world ought to be when it isn’t.
The three kittens seem to define the population on the planet: the handsome variety like Muffin, who can get along with attitude, the crafty ones like Onion, who learn to get in and out of trouble with their wits, and the ordinary ones like Puffin, who must lean on someone to make its way in the world, constantly facing extinction.
And there is me, trying to save them all, struggling to understand the distinctions and praying that creatures like Puffin can find some lessons from creatures like Onion, in making up for her deficiencies.
Most likely, if I can get the first two adopted, I’ll keep Puffin.
And the last thing I need is another cat.

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