Thursday, July 9, 2015

Carpetbaggers strike again

Thursday, July 09, 2015

The rain comes in waves, first heavy, then light, and then for a moment, it only trickles on the awning like impatient fingers waiting for the next wave.
The stock market in China crashed yesterday, and mysteriously, during a downturn in our own, computers failed in New York forcing the market to halt for three and a half hours – allowing people to catch their breath before taking the next plunge.
Someone on the radio compared China’s fall to New York 1929. But that person must have had to eat his words when China recovered (the government leaping in to buy stocks to keep everything stable.)
We live in precarious times, drenched with a new wave of political correctness as busybodies (mostly liberals) bask in recent victories, and thus leap to create even more social change, unaware that like the rain or the sea, change comes in waves, and there is always a backlash.
Some comedians refuse to perform on college campuses because the political correctness has become so pervasive, a batch of do-good self-righteous liberal types that think they own the moral high ground and have a right to tell other people how to live their lives.
On top of this has been the discussion about the Confederate Flag and the outrage through the nation over its use in a recent murder of people in a black church in South Carolina.
Like the carpetbaggers that descended on The South after the Civil War, morally pumped up left wing bigots attack a whole culture, determined to once and for all stamp out the revolution that the Civil War failed to accomplish.
As with all tyranny, this move to “educate” The South is doomed to create even more bad feelings because it is being imported from the very places the South has come to hate.
The old saying about winners being the ones that write history has never been truer than it is in regards to what brought about the Civil War. But supposedly college educated morons pump up the rhetoric to say the war was entirely about slavery, when it was really about economics. Northern robber barons, who had already made their money off supplying the slaves to the south, hopped on the anti-slavery bandwagon when it became profitable for them to do so, and so fueled the war. The north had built a new economy based on manufacturing (much of which eventually led to polluting our waterways and creating climate change) and found the south’s cheap labor (slave labor) standing in the way of making their profits.
There was moral justification for doing away with slavery, but it was money that created the war as the north demanded the south dismantle its economy – in other words, get rid of the slaves. This move would have destroyed the south nearly as much as the war did, creating a significant economic disadvantage the north was well aware of.
The south refused – partly because it had no choice but refuse. The entire economy would collapse if they freed the slaves. With new Free states entering the union, the north was poised to outvote the south on every economic issue as well. Rather than be bullied by well-funded industrialists in the north, the south chose to fight.
Lincoln – well known for his position on slavery – did not enter the war to free the slaves, but preserve the union.  Freeing the slaves in the middle of the war was hardly a humanitarian gesture. Lincoln wanted to break the spirit of the South at a critical time and it worked.

For many, the Confederate Flag became a symbol of continued resistance to King George-like tyranny imposed upon the south by a victorious North. In some ways, the righteous liberals in the north are repeating the rape of the South that started with northern carpetbaggers after the conclusion of the Civil War. In other words, we’re just finishing up when we started.

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