Sunday, December 6, 2015

Oh Christmas tree!

Sunday, December 06, 2015

People used to complain all the time about how commercialized Christmas has become, how we’ve tied everything up to how much we have to spend in order to maintain the American economy and forgotten the basic message of peace and love we hippies used to profess when we were young.
Now we try to destroy Christmas entirely, and not because we believe business over peace and love, but because some people hate the idea of religious freedom, and refuse to let it spill over into the real world where it might moderate some of the excess behavior we see in the news.
This councilwoman from a nearby town went into a near faint because her compatriots decided to keep Christmas in Christmas when they put up their annual Christmas tree. This is part of a trend, and something so ugly that it feeds into my basic belief that evil tends hide behind the mask of righteousness, and destroys what hope there is in the world by infecting good with misguided good intentions.
This councilwoman is not alone.
A whole pack of politically correct self-serving self-righteous anti-religion bigots tried to get the courts to rule against Christmas in Christmas trees, too, in their crusade to create a society where religious life cannot have an influence on the secular world.
They like this councilwoman have taken their campaign again icons of any kind one step too far, the way the jerks on the subways complained about the TV series icons used in advertising a symbol similar to those used by the Nazis or the massive anti-Confederate battle flag campaign sought to humiliate the American South with one more carpet bagger attack.
This anti-anything that smacks of belief movement comes out of the shadows of the 1960s when we believed that we should oppose any organization, law or government that violated basic moral principles – an immoral law should not be obeyed.
But the movement has become perverse. We have decided to become morality itself, and rule on what other people should and should not believe, forcing faith in anything to hide its face so we won’t be offended.
We play god and tell other people what it right and wrong, while at the same time, we as (mostly liberals) insist on certain rights we believe we should have and point to the other side as oppressing us.
It is typical hypocrisy.
But it is also evil.
Instead of embracing the message behind Christmas, Christianity and faith, we decide to destroy it, building a crusade to keep our lives free of its symbols.
Behind all this, is the old poetic concept of playing tennis without a net, when one poet complained about writing poems without rime.
We want to live in a society where we are allowed to make up our own rules as we go along, making concepts like truth “relative,” so that we have an excuse when we cannot live up to the basic rules of living in civilized society.
The last thing any of us need in this relative society are symbols such as Christmas tree that show how much we fail in living up to any rules but our own.
We can’t live by the rules of the game so we don’t merely take the ball and go home, we throw away the ball so we don’t have to be reminded how inadequate we are.
This attack on symbols goes beyond just the Christmas tree, the confederate flag or even the so called Nazi symbols on the sides of buses. We are actively destroying the past, partly because we do not feel adequate to live up to its expectations, and we live in a society where things are not going as planned, and lacking a road map to replace old road maps, we burn bridges, flags, and any reference to the rules we are unable to abide by.
We are not only trying to rid ourselves of religion and faith, but of any reminder of just how much we have failed to find any faith of our own, and how we do not need to be reminded about it.
People are offended by Christmas in Christmas tree mostly because they can’t live up to the basic rules of being a Christian, or even the love and peace we professed when we marched against war or on behalf of black rights.
We get offended by Christmas in Christmas tree or any of the other symbols of the past because these things force us to look in the mirror and see what we are not, what we have failed to become, and those things we can’t live up to as civilized people.

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  1. "But the movement has become perverse."

    Yes righteous movements sometimes do. The "Temperance Movement" comes to mind. They wanted to stop the violence, and destructive activity that came with wanton drink. It gave us "Prohibition" which gave us "Organized Crime".

    I shudder to think what so-called progressive movements against Faith will lead to. Myself I'm a Buddhist Pagan pre-religion Christian. That is the Christian ideal before it became an army, and mega business.

    Folks should worship anything they want pray anyway they want wear any sort of get-up from their faith they want. Fine. Just don't force me to join is all. Put up your holy stuff on your house, and even the public square.

    It would be fascinating to see the shrines of say 30 or so religions all over the park...all lit up. It would be educational for folks especially the kids.

    "Mommy what's the Elephant guy all about?"

    "Daddy whose the nice lady with the baby?"

    "Whose the weird fat guy just sitting there."

    Yep fun for the whole family!