Thursday, November 17, 2016

A bitter pill for liberals

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Somehow I survived the usual world-changing annual anniversary I usually suffer through on Nov. 15, unscathed this year, or so it would seem, or perhaps Nov. 8 served as the alternate date this year not just for me, for everyone as Trump beat Clinton in the electoral vote while the popular vote nationwide gave Clinton supporters something else to complain about, denying her in fact what she so ached to have in reality: a place in history as the first woman president – a horrible thought since she and her most ardent followers are so arrogant I wanted anybody but her to win, and anybody won, ushering in a new Fascist state under Trump.

Yet it is not unexpected. The change of administration comes as a reaction to the over-reach of the left, massive social changes rush in too-quickly for many people to digest, a string of social victories imposed on part of the nation not yet ready to accept them – akin to the election of Ronald Reagan that came after decades of a decaying civil rights movement, pushed down the throats of people like a horse pill down the throat of a horse by a liberal northeast or Left Coast elite who somehow believe it has the moral authority to dictate what others should believe or how they should act, an elite shocked when the horse they thought too stupid or docile kicked back and reversed positions to shove the pile not town the throat of the liberal elite, but up its posterior, a vulgar and outrageous demonstration of power that sends bewildered protesters out to the streets in a pointless self-congratulatory demonstration of utter helplessness, unable to change back what has occurred, still too arrogant to change themselves in order to avoid it from happened again, or worse, to stop the horse’s unfettered rampage bound to – if not completely – undo all those change imposed, then to set them back in the way General Lee succeeded in doing when he delayed tine inevitable Union victory in the Civil War.

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